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Are Your Skincare Products Poisoning You?

Do you think it's the left side or right side of the photo that has products with skin safe ingredients? If you said right, you're correct!! I'm not saying that these companies are bad, in fact, they could have some great products that don't have potentially dangerous chemicals. My point in this blog is to hopefully bring awareness the importance of looking at the ingredients in your skincare products.

As some of you may have already seen in my previous posts or videos, what inspired me to start creating my own skincare line was when I looked at the ingredients in my bottle of sunless tanner. I thought I’d share with you one of the ingredients that really shook me up. 

Before I get to that ingredient I hope that this post inspires you to take a peek at the ingredients in your skincare products. Some products don’t have their ingredients right on their bottle, it may have been on the packaging that you threw out or somewhere else super inconvenient. Do a quick google search and make sure there’s no ingredients that you should 100% avoid in your skincare products. 

My rule of thumb is if I see parfum, dyes, ___ethyl or paraben anything I just put it back on the shelf. It’s really quite terribly sneaky how skincare companies can get away with putting these extremely toxic ingredients in their products. FDA says as long as it’s under a certain percentage then it’s “not harmful to people” BUT my concern is, what if I’m using a cleanser, a toner, moisturizer, make up, etc. and they all have 1% ___ethyl? Did I now dose my skin with 4% or more with these extremely dangerous and cancerous chemicals?!

So the BIG scary ingredient that actually made me feel sick to my stomach “The FDA warned that PHENOXYETHANOL can cause shut down of the central nervous system, vomiting and contact dermatitis. ... The product's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) says that it phenoxyethanol is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or ABSORBED THROUGH THE SKIN and that it can cause reproductive damage. This is straight from google but feel free to read more about it! This stuff is FRIGGEN TERRIFYING!

Is there an ingredient in skincare products that you try to avoid and know for a fact is absolutely terrible for everyone?! Please comment and share below so we can all avoid these evil ingredients.

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