Bye-Bye Eczema, Hello Smooth Skin

Helps to balance skin's oil production, reducing oily skin symptoms. Absorbs moisture to keep the skin moisturized strengthen the skins barrier. Cleans debris while maintaining natural skin microbiome. Applying moisturizer/serum to your body is completely safe but optional.

You do not need to saturate your face but just cover with a light film. As the saying goes - less is sometimes more. Keeping it simple can lead to the best results. This recipe combines a serum and moisturizer into one. The thinner oils are still able to penetrate the skin through the thicker oils and actually absorb slower which means a longer time for the skin to absorb all the juicy goodness!

To get the best absorption of any moisturizer, use a steamer before application or a hot face cloth for at least 2-3 minutes to open pores. A damp cold cloth after moisturizer application can lock in the good stuff.

If it feels too thick, allow a few minutes to absorb and pat the excess product with a dry towel.


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