About Sunflower Skincare

Safe | Simple | Beneficial
We believe in a holistic and minimalistic approach to beautiful skin. Achieve natural beauty using as little ingredients as possible. Sunflower Skincare products are made with all natural, plant and vegan only ingredients. That's right - no beeswax!
Originating in Ontario and quickly spreading across Canada Sunflower Skincare, it all started when I took a closer look at the ingredients in my drugstore sunless tanner. I won't get into details but in short - I was shocked and freaked right out! To this day I don't know how most of the ingredients are even legal to sell to put on a humans body. I had no choice -
If I wanted to keep using tanner I had to make my own. From there I decided to start my own line of sunless tanners that were 100% safe, plant ingredients and no chemicals!! 
But why sunflowers? Sunflowers rise tall, they always find the sun and they're a fond member of my grandmothers path to her front door.  In terms of skincare, they are one of todays most under-rated ingredients! Sunflower oil does not block pores (non-comedogenic) and provides a small amount of UV ray protection. On top of all that, it contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties!

Happy Skin, Happy Life!

<3 Sunflower Skincare