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Plant-only ingredients with high quality results. You can put your trust in the fact that all products will never contain fillers or harmful unnecessary ingredients.

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Lotions, Oils, Foams, Waters and Drops. Packed with antioxidant, vitamin-rich, nutritious ingredients that will leave your skin bronzed and hydrated.

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Step 1

Prep Your Skin

Use our recommended scrub and accessories to prep your skin for the smoothest canvas.

Quick Guide

Step 2

Regular Moisturizer First

Before applying self-tanner, moisturize dry areas to prevent over absorption of tan colour in dry spots. Elbows, Knees, Hands and Feet.

Which Tan Product is Perfect for You

Step 3

Glove Up!

Rubber gloves can't be beat when applying any type of sunless tanner. It saves you product and allows precise application.

Why Sunflowers?

Step 4

Self-Tan Application

Thoroughly massage the tanner into your skin. So thoroughly that your skin feels warm from massaging it in.

Tips to Prevent Missing A Spot

Step 5

Trick for the PERFECT Tan

Our little not-so-secret, secret. Wipe off excess moisturizer and self-tanner from vulnerable areas.

Our Little Secret

Step 6

The Wrist Trick

Smooth in areas where potential lines can give your secrets away. Massage wrists together

How to Blend Tricky Areas

Step 7

Let it Rest

Wear loose clothes. Avoid touching your skin. Keep your gloves on if you have trouble with this.

How Long Does it Take?

Botanical Skincare

No chemicals, no toxins. Plant-only ingredients sourced from high quality oils and extracts.

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Sunflower Skincare Gift Card

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