How to use Tanning Products for the BEST Results

Step 1: Shower in the evening and apply tanner before bed. Sunless Tanning ingredients work best on well exfoliated, supple skin. If you want to prepare for the best tan possible, exfoliate and moisturize a few hours before or the day before application.

Step 2: Before applying tanner, apply Moisturizer Stick on only very dry areas (hands, feet, elbows and knees). Don’t be afraid to over moisturize those areas. Keep in mind, if you moisturize your whole body it will be harder for the tanning ingredients to penetrate your skin!

Step 3: It is recommended to wear something to protect your gloves, such as rubber gloves or the Applicator Mitt to apply tanner. Be gentle on the amount applied to knees, feet, elbows and hands as they are common areas to over-absorb the tanner and create too dark of a tan.

Tanning Stick: Glide across skin and thoroughly massage into skin. Be extra generous on legs.

GLOW Water: Stand on a towel and spray a generous amount over entire body. Be extra generous on legs. You may massage  thoroughly into skin but it may not be necessary. 

GLOW Drops: Add desired amount of drops to moisturizer in palm of hand and thoroughly massage into skin. Suggested amounts:

1-5 drops per quarter size of moisturizer or approximately per 125ml:
Light Tan 5-10 drops
Medium Tan 10-20 Drops
Deep Tan 20+

Tanning Oil: Add desired amount to palm of hand and massage into skin.

Step 4: Remove protective gloves and massage a small amount of tanner on to hands. Allow 24-48 hours for oils and nutrients to be fully absorbed and tan to fully develop. Apply another layer if a deeper tan is desired. Maintain moisturized, supple skin for a longer-lasting, even tan.

Happy Tanning!

<3 Sunflower Skincare