How To Set Up A Successful Skin Care Routine

How To Set Up A Successful Skin Care Routine


It’s not enough to have good skin-care products: For your products to be most effective, you also need to apply them in the correct order. Your routine will depend on your skin type, the ingredients and formulations of your products, and the time of day, here are some of my tips to have a successful skin-care routine!

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✔️ Skip morning cleanser


✔️ Exfoliate once a week using a brush, cloth or scrub.


✔️ Use sunless tanner once a week.


✔️ Toner everyday, maybe even twice a day.


✔️ Steam using a hot cloth or facial steamer at least once a month.


Here at Sunflower Skincare we believe in a holistic and minimalistic approach to beautiful skin. Achieve a natural beauty using as little unnecessary ingredients as possible. Sunflower Skincare products are made with all natural, plant and vegan only ingredients. That's right - no beeswax! Need some help, join our challenge called “The Bloom Challenge” and get products based on your skin type and your primary skin concern. Use our info sheets to help you choose or take our free consultation questionnaire.

 Know that if you ever have questions—I’m only an email away.


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