Perfect Fake Tan Wrist Trick

Perfect Fake Tan Wrist Trick

The wrist trick has been a tan-saver favourite for me. You might think it seems way too good to be true or just obvious but honestly, it is easily forgotten. After following all the steps (shower, exfoliate, moisturize dry areas, towel off excess product) it's time to blend. A natural tan darkens the tops of hands and the tops of the feet.

Using your wrists massage them together and blend and push the product over the tops of your hands. Use the same technique for your feet. Using your ankles and tops of your feet, massage them together.

This can be a tricky technique because we don't want too much product on the top. The dryer our skin is the more product our skin absorbs. If dry skin absorbs too much product in one area, that area will be darker than a less dry area. Revealing our fake tan.

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