Perfect Fake Tan The Towel Trick

Perfect Fake Tan The Towel Trick

The biggest give away that your tan is a fake are super dark elbows and knees or mickey mouse white hands. Even worse, patchy dark spots. The best way to avoid these obvious signs that you're wearing sunless tanner is to make sure the colour blends in tricky areas!

To do this, make sure you have a clean and dry towel handy. After going through all the steps (shower, exfoliate, moisturize dry areas, apply the tanner) next you need to wipe off any excess product from your dry areas but also still give them a little bit of colour. We don't want white spots either. 

Take a clean and dry towel and gently wipe off any excess while blending the surrounding area into the knee or elbow. Do the same thing with your hands and feet BUT to make your tan even more flawless, follow the wrist trick.

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