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10+ Step Skin Care Regimen VS. The Anti-Aging Resurfacing Kit

10+ step skincare regimens.  Now I tried to keep this short but there are 10 steps….

  1. Oil cleanser: Step 1 of Double Cleanse
  2. Foam/cream cleanser: Step 2 of Double Cleanse
  3. Toner: Toners that range from thin to thick and each different toner is used to obtain a different result.
  4. Essence: An essence is a super thin “serum-like” product that helps allow the skin to breathe and absorb each product applied. 
  5. Emulsion: The next slightly thicker layer applied to the skin.
  6. Ampoule/Serum: An ampoule and serum are extremely similar but they are different. They are both highly concentrated with antioxidants and nutrients for the skin. An ampoule, however, is a beefed up version of a serum. It’s thicker, juicier and richer in ingredients. 
  7. Sheet Mask: Also soaked in serum and left on the face.
  8. Eye Cream: we all know what this is!
  9. Moisturizer: Yep, I’m serious, they add another layer of thick cream to solidify everything into the skin. 
  10.  Sunscreen: Never, never forget sunscreen!!
So, how does the Anti-Aging Resurfacing Kit fit into this? Well, I’ve taken some of the key aspects of the 10+ skincare regimen and used them to build my own simpler, more cost effective and only 3 step nighttime skincare regimen. The best time for the Resurfacing kit is in the evening! There are oils in it and can make applying your make-up difficult. (Most make up is water based. As we all learned in science or cooking class, water and oil don’t mix!)

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