Tips for a Flawless Sunless Self Tan

Tips for a Flawless Sunless Self Tan

Make sure you don't miss a spot!

It can be hard to tell if you've forgotten a spot. The Sunflower Sunless Self Tan Oils and Lotions are almost completely foolproof BUT it's still possible to miss a spot! The oils and lotions are so buttery smooth that they're likely to blend and melt into the skin seamlessly. However, to ensure the colour turns out perfect, massage the tanner into your skin so thoroughly that your skin and hands start to create heat. 

Think of it as a fully body massage. Take your time and give yourself some good ol' loving. Plus, this is a great time to check your body for any unusual bumps, lumps or spots. This is a special time for you. Make it a ritual. Take your time and enjoy it.

Be Generous with the Moisturizer

I can't stress enough how key it is to moisturize those extra dry areas BEFORE applying tanner. If I don't moisturize my hands, knees, elbows and feet before applying tanner they 110% come out WAY darker than the rest of my body. That's a giant tell tale sign that I'm a fake bake. I'm talking a 1/4 cm thick of moisturizer directly on those areas but no where else. If there's any moisturizer on my less dry areas then the tan ingredients aren't going to be able to penetrate and I'm not going to get a tan.

In-between tans I am extremely generous with the moisturizer. I moisturize in the shower, after the shower, every morning and every night and sometimes throughout the day (if I think about it). I have moisturizer in my purse, my closet, my jackets, my drawers, beside my bed, beside my gym, in my bathroom, etc. If I think of moisturize, I moisturize.

The more you moisturize between tans the nicer your tan will look and same with your skin. Now I just need to be as diligent with my sunscreen as I am with my moisturizer... 

Use a Gentle Cleanser

I am guilty of washing my face with harsh cleansers for YEARS. My grandma told me to wash my face with soap until it squeaked. I love your grandma but that was not the love my skin needed.

Honestly, I only wash with oil cleansers now. My skin is way too dry and way too sensitive to handle any kind of soap on it. The harsher the soap the dryer your skin is going to be. The holy grail of a beautiful fake tan is hydrated, supple, plump skin!

Exfoliate Only Before Applying a New Layer of Sunless Self Tan

Fake tan ingredients work by causing a reaction with your skin cells. The red berry derivates interact with the melanin in your cells and turns them darker. If you're a science-y person its called the Maillard Reaction. The interaction generates pigments called melanoidins, which appear brown because they absorb certain wavelengths of light. 

Be Consistent.

I know, you probably hear it enough with other daily routines (cleansing, exercising, eating etc.) Well the same is for a beautiful fake tan. Make it a weekly or bi-weekly ritual to treat yourself to a nice soak in the shower or bath. Exfoliate and prep your beautiful skin for the most lovely glow.

What if I need to exfoliate my face often?

I have SUPER dry skin so I need to exfoliate often, sometimes every second day. In this case, using your sunless tanner 2-3 times every week or to can help to maintain a fresh face glow flow.

Use Your Best Judgment

No one knows their skin better than you. Get to know your skin. How does it feel after washing or bathing? How long does a tan last for you? How does your skin react to certain ingredients. We've been trained to just listen to the professionals but be your own professional. There's nothing more valuable than taking the time to learn and understand the largest organ of your body. 

I've got 2 other big, BIG, and I mean BIG tips for the most stunning, thought-that-was-your-natural-colour, beautiful tan. It needs its own page so be sure to check out my towel trick and my wrist trick.

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