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Each program consists of 5 weeks worth of products. All ingredients have been researched and scientifically proven by researchers and doctors to improve specific skin concerns.

Learn more about each stage of the bloom challenge: Balance, Calm, Detox, Renew, Hydrate

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Not everyone is at the same stage in their own skincare journeys. Download the Sunflower Skincare app for iOS or Android. Document, learn, experiment, ask questions, and share your journey through the SKINNECT community. Find reviews, advice or answers to your questions and best of all; love your skin. 

All of our ingredients are shipped to you in recyclable plastic bags. You can purchase our refillable glass containers in our skincare accessories menu. Challengers can purchase all skincare accessories at 25% off.

Using the Sunflower Skincare app, scan the barcode on your product bags to see a detailed list of the ingredients, directions and benefits.

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If you have joined a challenge you will be notified through the app top right menu in "My Files". The challenge winner prize is posted on our website homepage, facebook and in the app.

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Nature's Retinol

Dandelion root, Carrot seed oil, Aloe vera, and Sweet almond oil contain enough natural vitamin A that they've been clinically tested and proven to work just as well as synthetic Retinol. Retinol stimulates the body's natural mechanisms to increase the number and size of adipocytes which replaces lost volume and smooths wrinkles.

Nature's Retinol

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