How to Play TAG

Ready to Take A Gamble?

There's two ways to play! 
  1. Bid on our items that are up for the LIVE AUCTION.
    • Bid on as many items, as many times as you'd like. You can set an automatic bid that will continue to beat a person if they bid above you until it hits your maximum amount willing to bid. (no shipping fees)

  1. Choose any item in our inventory and either:
    • Make an offer and tell us what you think the item is worth. There's a set value for the maximum and minimum offers. Within 7 days you can remove your offer. If we accept your offer you be charged what you offered and the items shipped immediately (no shipping fees). If we don't accept the offer you will be informed by email. You will not be charged and no item will be shipped to you. You can try again with a new offer.
    • Buy at regular price. Not willing or don't have the time to make an offer? We understand. You can purchase the item at regular price (no shipping fees). You be charged and your item shipped immediately.