Challenge Details

A five week skin care program using plant-only ingredients. 

Each program consists of 5 weeks worth of products purposefully designed to slowly introduce your skin to new ingredients each week. Products are uniquely formulated to meet the needs of your specific skin type and primary skin concern. All ingredients have been researched and most have been scientifically proven by researchers and doctors to improve specific skin concerns.

Each program focuses on one skin care concern at a time. Often when we focus on one concern it helps to balance and improve other unwanted skin care concerns. This helps us to narrow down what our next goal and focus should be. 

Using the Sunflower Skincare app found in the apple and android store, document your skin care journey. The Sunflower Skincare app is intended for each challenge member to privately track their skin results. To target ingredients that benefit or irritate their skin. As well as have a private space to log recipes and notes. Lastly, to submit your before and after to be considered as a Sunflower Member winner.

The app also gives you access to ask other members questions and share your journey through the skinnect community. Using the library you can find ratings and reviews for ingredients based on their use as a skin solution (acne, eczema, etc.) or as a certain product (cleanser, toner, etc.)

Once you have registered for a challenge you will be notified through the app your next steps and when your products will be shipped. The challenge winner and prize are posted on our website, facebook and in the app.

We understand that everyone is at different stages in their own skin care journeys. Some features may not be of use to you depending on your needs. It's not obligatory to use all the features, however, If you are entered in the challenge, be sure to use the challenge submission feature to be considered as a challenger. (You will be notified in your "My files" section when it is time to submit.

Winners are announced one week after the final week of the challenge. Support is available 24/7 during the entire challenge through the app. Check out details below for each weekly goal. 

Week 1 - Before Picture Submission


Balance has the least amount of ingredients and allows your skin time to balance out from the other products you may have been using and to go through an adjustment to the new ingredients.

Week 2


Calm introduces a few more ingredients to the program without overwhelming your skins microbiome. You may have been unknowingly stripping your skins natural biome. Let's give our skin more time to adjust and more time for us to understand and get to know our true, natural skin.

Week 3


Detox introduces ingredients that will help the body to fully remove any toxins, dirt and debris. Our skin has had time to adjust so now we can test the limits a bit. Let's start fresh and clean the skin completely.

Week 4


Renew introduces a wealth of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Plant oils and extracts, that have been scientifically proven to renew collagen, firmness, speed up cell regeneration and healing.

Week 5 After picture submission


The final stage of optimal skin hydration. Our skin has had a chance to adjust and remove the old. Now we can add antioxidant and nutrient rich plant oils and extracts without causing irritation or flare ups.