Combination Skin & Acne Serum

Combination Skin & Acne Serum

Total time | 15 Minutes

Sanitize & Dry | 5 m

Measure | 5 m

Combine | 3 m

Pour & Label | 2 m


  • Sunflower oil .5 oz

  • Argan oil .20 oz
  • Saw palmetto .05 oz
  • Carrot seed oil .02 oz
  • Grape seed oil .25 oz


Tight sealing container

Mixing bowl




1. Gather your ingredients. Using a scale measure each ingredient into a separate bowl. Using a whisk or hand mixer combine ingredients.

2. Clean, sanitize and dry containers. Use a funnel to pour mixed ingredients into containers. Use a label maker or tape to write the ingredients and date.

How to Use

Apply 1-4 pumps of moisturizer to face, neck and body. Applying in gentle, upwards motions. Be extra gentle around eyes, lips and neck. The skin barrier in these areas are thin and damaged easier.