What to Consider When Choosing a Sunless Tanner

What to Consider When Choosing a Sunless Tanner

When choosing which sunless tanner product is right for you it's a good idea to consider your natural skin type.

My personal favourite and best for all skin types is the Sunless Tan Oil. I find it the easiest to spread evenly all over and my skin feels so soft and hydrated the next morning.

GLOW Tan Drops and Oil are best for combination, sensitive or uneven skin tones. Add your preferred number of drops to any moisturizer to achieve smoother looking tinted skin. I personally like to use the tan drops to reduce redness and maintain a natural glow without looking too tinted.

GLOW Water is best for normal or oily skin types. Since it dries so quickly, if you have dry, oily or combination skin, you may get uneven patches of colour. I have very dry skin so the water is tricky to avoid patches. It's important to not miss a spot because unlike the oil that melts into the skin, the water dries almost instantly. When I use the water I moisturize dry areas, I stand on a towel and don't move. Then I spray body parts and massage into skin with a gloved hand.

Sunless Tan Sticks Lotion are best for combination and dry skin types or for contouring. The ultra-hydrating formula boosts collagen, plumps and firms skin. The kit comes with a preparation moisturizing stick to prepare common dry areas like elbows, knees, hands and feet. The sticks come in two tones, light or deep.

Use the chart below to find your match or click here to take the quiz

Skin Type
Oily Skin Water or Drops
Dry Skin Stick or Lotion
Combination Skin Oil, Lotion, Stick or Drops
Normal Skin Water, Stick, Drops


Your Goals
 A gentle glow Extra-Light or Light
Blend uneven skin tone and scars Light or Medium or Deep
Reduce the appearance of cellulite Medium or Deep
Younger looking skin Light or Medium
A natural tanned goddess Medium or Deep

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