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Phenoxyethanol is used as an anti-bacterial in cosmetics and stabilizer in perfumes, and yet phenoxyethanol is very harmful.  

You likely come into contact with this chemical on a regular basis. But is it safe? The evidence is mixed.


How’s it used?

 Many mainstream and boutique cosmetics products contain phenoxyethanol. It’s often used as a preservative or stabilizer for other ingredients that might otherwise deteriorate, spoil, or become less effective too quickly.


How does it appear on the label?

❌ phenoxyethanol

❌ ethylene glycol monophenyl ether

❌ 2-Phenoxyethanol

❌ PhE

❌ dowanol

❌ arosol

❌ phenoxetol

❌ rose ether

❌ phenoxyethyl alcohol

❌ beta-hydroxyethyl phenyl ether


What cosmetics is it found in? 

✔️ perfume

✔️ foundation

✔️ blush

✔️ lipstick

✔️ soaps


Here is the big question. Is phenoxyethanol safe?

It is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Phenoxyethanol can have an effect on the brain and the central nervous system too! Also - it irritates skin and eyes, and can cause blistering on skin as well. Despite all of those risks, many skin care products use phenoxyethanol because in small amounts it is “not harmful” to skin, but if you use the product multiple times a day, every day - that can add up and can actually be very harmful!


Bottom line, I personally believe in a holistic and minimalistic approach to beautiful skin. Achieve a natural beauty using as little unnecessary ingredients as possible. Sunflower Skincare products are made with all natural, plant and vegan only ingredients. That's right - no beeswax! Need some help, join our challenge called “The Bloom Challenge” and get products based on your skin type and your primary skin concern. Use our info sheets to help you choose or take our free consultation questionnaire.



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